Feel free to call the Admissions Office if you need further assistance. 

Phone: (918) 712-7122


Q: Is a student required to go through the entire program? Or can a student transfer in degrees/credits from other universities?

A: Wisdom University accepts transfer credits from other colleges and universities as well as many Bible schools and Bible institutes. We offer the opportunity for students to start or finish their undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degrees.

Q: My child is a homeschooler, but I would also like them to take classes through Wisdom University as part of their high school Bible curriculum. Can they earn a degree through the University?

A: High school students can take courses through our University! Our programs are designed where they can be concurrent with other programs. However, high school students are not eligible to officially receive a degree from Wisdom University until we have a copy of a GED certificate or an official high school transcript. It is entirely possible, though, for a high school student to be working towards a degree while completing their high school courses.

Q: Do I have to wait on my official Academic Review to start my courses?

A: Go ahead and get started! There’s a chance that our Admissions Office is waiting on official transcripts to come in before we can complete the official review. Keep in mind that all of our programs require you to take a minimum of 7 courses within Wisdom University to graduate.

Q: How do I request an official transcript from Wisdom University?

A: By calling the Admissions Office or emailing the Admissions Advisor. We will send out the transcript within 2 weeks of the written request.


Q: Is there a time limit set for each course?

A: One of the many benefits of how our university is structured is that there is no set date a course must be completed. Dr. Siddiki’s desire is that each student absorbs each lesson with the purpose of filling themselves up with God’s Word.

Q: Is a course just a single lesson or teaching?

A: Each course consists of 6 lessons and 1 test.

Q: Do I get to select the courses that I take?

A: Students have complete control over the courses they take. Of course, our Admissions Advisor is available to guide a student through degree planning, but ultimately a student has final say on what courses he or she wants.


Q: What kind of test questions should I expect?

A: Each test has true and false questions as well as multiple choice questions.

Q: Is there a time limit on the tests?

A: There is no time limit for tests; however, we do recommend that our students complete each test within 1 hour.

Q: Are the tests open book?

A: While we encourage students to take notes and read through the lesson outlines, all tests are closed book tests.

Q: Can I retake a test?

A: A student may retake a course test one time and the cost for resetting the test is $15. Keep in mind that each time the test is reset the questions are subject to change. Also, tests that are interrupted because of technical problems will be reset free of charge.