Wisdom Course 16: How to Get Your Prayers Answered

Note: The tuition for these courses at the undergraduate levelis $50 per credit hour and each course is 3 credit hours, the totalcost of each course is $150. For tuition discounts, please contact Wisdom University through the contact us prompt.
In this teaching Dr. Siddiki shines the light of God’s Word on the 10 most frequent prayers that Christians make. This in-depth study reveals that 90-95% of all the prayers Christians pray have already been answered by God.  When we have clear understanding of the promises of God, we can pray the prayer of faith and walk in those promises.  God’s people perish because of a lack of knowledge, not a lack of promises.  Our heavenly Father desires the best for us and has provided in abundance for our every need.  It is time to appropriate by faith what already belongs to us.

In this timely teaching discover that:
  • God has already provided all things on the earth for our benefit.
  • Our job is to use our authority to appropriate those things.
  • The sooner we stop asking God to provide for our needs, the better.
  • The Word produces faith (faith comes by hearing the Word).
  • Faith, not prayer, is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
  • If we don't have the evidence of things not seen, then we won't receive the manifestation.
Find out the surprising answers to your most frequent prayers and move over into enjoying the promises fulfilled in your life.